Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day 2 review!

Day 2 has been completed and as i type this we are just entering Day 3! I am sitting in our hotel room, we have slept until nearly 8am and we are now slowly waking up (well, Poppy jumping on Jo shouting wakey wakey) and the sun is streaming in.
Day 2 started off with a good breakfast, which, yes, included a cooked breakfast! I think only about 6 out of 10 as it was buffet style, but it did have hash browns, and is beside the sea, although no sea view!

We then headed to Splash World for a bit of swimming, the Toddlers session between 9am and 10am ! That meant there was not so much splash! And all in all it was a success. The pool was nice, although we are pretty certain that the temperature was a little out, they said it was 30, but it certainly did not feel that, so we did not stay long, although Poppy certainly enjoyed it, and now we have a flotation vest, i suspect we will be back there today!
As you can see, the photo above has been declared the family portrait of the holiday, we all appear in it, and Poppy was really enjoying herself.

As previously mentioned, we feel as if Poppy is becoming a thrill seeker, and yesterday was no exception!
Yes the picutre above is me and Poppy flying around on a ride that spun us around and went up and down .. Poppy came off fine and loved it, me, well a little bit dizzy!!

And so, onto Day 3, and breakfast ........

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