Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Its not always good news ....

We have never set any rules for our blog, however as a whole we have been very lucky and been able to report good, funny, and happy news, however every so often some sad news greets us and although we never want to shout about that, its part of our lives and as a diary of what happens its sometimes important to share/record that.

Jo's grandad 'gramps' passed away yesterday and as such we have another good soul watching over us.  

We all handle death differently, and i always think saying to somebody that you understand how they are feeling is rubbish, you never do, as everybody deals with it in a different way .. for me, the body might of gone, however the impression they have left with you will always live on, whether that be a feeling, or a moment, or a sound, or picutre .. whatever that moment, whether it makes you smile, and/or shed a tear, that is the moment you know they are still about.

Jo's 'gramps' always came across to me as, clever, quiet, proud gentleman and having a loving family around him, and a life long supporter of the blue part of Hampshire, known as Portsmouth Football club!  So, for my tribute to him, and remembering i support the red part of Hampshire, our blog shall show the Pompey badge!

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  1. Thank you Simon. That is a beautiful tribute, especially the Pompey crest. All our love. Anne & Bob x