Saturday, 25 October 2008

Friday 24th October 2008

PAY DAY!!! I would say yippee, but I am now on basic SMP (statutory maternity pay) from the Government.

Today we are off to Nanny Pat's and then Simon and I are going into London for the night. We are going to the Mac Expo show at Olympia. We go every year, and it has been tradition to go up the night before and get there first thing on Saturday.

Poppy on the other hand is having a party! A jewellery party to be exact! Lots of people to make a fuss of her too!

I re-arranged my Chiropractor appointment for earlier today, so we could get up to Nanny Pat's at lunch time.

Once we set up the travel cot and fed Poppy, Simon and I left them to it and headed off to the station to catch a train into London.

We get the tube to Olympia and check into the hotel. Once we have freshened up, we head to the bar for a swift drink before dinner.

Simon has a beer and I have a cocktail! The bar tender farted around with it for so long, he said we could have our drinks on the house! That saved us at least £12.00!!!!

Then off to Pizza Express. We sit in the same place we sat this time last year. Simon ordered a Florentine and I had pepperoni. We also have a nice bottle of rose wine.

It was so nice, we talked about everything from family holidays to how siblings get on with each other and whether we want more kids. We should do this more often, I love it when we sit down and talk about everything.

Once we were totally stuffed, and the wine was finished! Mainly by Simon. I am such a light weight now. We stagger back to the hotel and settle down in bed to watch Cooking with Gordon Ramsey Live! Before I knew it, we had cooked a 3 course meal and I was fast asleep!!!!

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