Thursday, 15 September 2011

Morning Campers!

Good morning and welcome to Day 4! At a very sunny and less windy Butlins. The wind stopped overnight and although replaced with a cold start, it is a glorious start to the day.

We have just finished breakfast, where this morning we were joined by a few guests!
This is Fireman Sam for those that dont know, and we also had Bob the Builder join us as well.

We had a good day yesterday. Another face painting session (this time a Butterfly) and then a swim in the afternoon. The swim was followed by an afternoon doze as we had worn Poppy out and then dinner that consisted of mainly Billy Bear ice cream for Poppy!

Billy Bear being the mascot for Butlins!
Today is our last full day. Time for a sneaky coffee while Mummy and Poppy dance the morning away to the Little Big Club !!

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