Saturday, 3 November 2007

We hunted, and we found!?!

MacLive Expo.jpg
This entry is a little late, in that we have been back from London for a week, but i know you are dying to know how the gadget trip went! Well ok, maybe you haven't, but tough, i am blogging it anyhow!!!

So after the search for Leopard was successful and we rested, our next mission was to visit Olympia for the Mac Live Expo. Not forgetting our hotel breakfast, yes rush over to the Breakfast Blog page now, to read all about the high scoring breakfast!

I have to report that the Mac Live Expo was a let down compared to last year. Less exhibitors, and not such a buzz. Having said that, it was interesting and we kept ourselves busy for a few hours!

So after that, it was out of London and back to Berkshire for a spot of dinner and to give my heart a work out by watching Southampton play Sky! We won! But it was hard work and not so good for the heart!!!

Ok, so that was it!


The next big gadget day is coming ... 9th November .... the iPhone reaches the UK !!

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