Monday, 12 September 2011

Hi-De-Hi !!

Ho-De-Ho !!!

Yes, we are on holiday this week and we are on the south coast, about 45mins away from home, in Bognor Regis at the Butlins holiday camp!

Now, firstly, yes Butlins .. i certainly have a vague memory of Butlins in Bognor looking like a prison camp, certainly not somewhere you would want to come on holiday .. well, from first impressions, they have certainly moved on!
We are staying in a hotel, where we got a very good Monday to Friday bargain, one of the reasons why we are here! And as mentioned, first impressions have been good.

The hotel room is spot on. Its roomy, Poppy's room has bunk beds, both rooms have TV and DVD players, a fridge, a little step for Poppy in the bathroom and basically a good hotel room, certainly of the standard of a Premier Inn or more.

The site itself we have only quickly wandered so far, and more investigation is required, however Poppy has already found the free rides and is certainly a thrill seeker!
And so that is Day 1 done, we are now tucked up in our hotel room, we have a over tired Poppy, however two glasses of wine from the Spar shop on site is helping us doze off .. and Poppy is having a glass of milk and watching a bit of 'Rocket' before dozing off too!

Day 2 - well after breakfast we are intending on hitting Splash World !!!

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