Saturday, 27 October 2007

Leopard Hunting!

Leopard Launch.jpgWe are back out on the road this weekend and as promised we are keeping you fully updated!! Well, having a blog as and when we can.

Yes, its a Leopard hunting weekend! Ok ok, please excuse me for a minute, i have to switch on the 'gadget geek' section to explain! Apple have launched there new update to their operating system, they have named the last few launches after big cats, so we have had Panther, Tiger and now we have Leopard!

So after work yesterday we headed for London and after checking into our hotel we headed for Regent Street, the home of Apple in the UK. We arrived at just after seven. Leopard was launched at 6pm, with the Apple stores closing two hours before to prepare. So we were expecting it to be busy, but wow! We had to queue to get into the store, and the queue to buy our copy of Leopard. So after a twenty minute queue we had our copy! Jo did not get why it was such a big thing, and why so many people were there, when they could just buy it tomorrow or the next day .. but Apple has this draw!

With Leopard in hand we headed back to our hotel and stopped off for a Pizza on the way.

We are staying overnight so that we can go to Olympia in the morning. There happens to be a Mac show there this weekend!

Our Apple weekend continues ......... !

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