Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thursday 16th October 2008

We are off to Tanya's today. She is going to wax my legs, underarm and for the first time ever, my tash. Ooooo Too much information!!!

Simon drove himself to work today, so i got up at 6am to move the Citroen so he could get the Peugeot out, and then try to go back to sleep. Poppy on the other hand wants feeding at 6.30am!

So, an hour later we are fed and back in bed. Thinking I have at least 2 hours before I need to get up, I settle back down to sleep. Wrong! 8.30am Poppy wakes up! Wide awake and talking for Britain!

My OU Tutor is calling at 10.30am, and this is when Poppy needs a feed! Arrrrr

Luckily, Poppy is hungry at 9.45am, so I feed her then and put her back in her cot for a sleep!

No time for a shower before my Tutor calls, so I do the washing up before I get the phone call.

We had a half hour chat about my essay, and Poppy eventually fell asleep. So I jump in the shower and get dressed and dry my hair. By this time, Poppy is awake again so I get her up and dressed.

We need to be at Tanya's for around 12pm and manage to get out of the house by 11.55am!

We turn up at Tanya's, and she has visitors! Trish, Adam and Lewis are there! It was so nice to see them again. Trish's boys have been poorly for a few weeks and has missed the weekly meetings. The boys are all OK again and out and about at last! We had a really good catch up and then they left Tanya and me to the wax!

It bloody hurt!!!! But it will be worth it in the long run! Tanya is really good at waxing, so anyone out there who reads this, email me and I will forward your details on!!!! Nothing like a bit of free advertising hey!!!

She was so thorough, it felt like we were there for hours! Although we did have to stop half way through as Poppy needed feeding and then Connor wanted food too! Eventually I was hair free!

This is Poppy sat in Connor's sit up ring! She really likes it and had a good hours sleep in it today!

By that time it was 3pm! Where does the time go!!! At 4.30pm I though we had better go home and wait for Simon to come home!

Simon got home at 6pm, and I had to run out the door at 6.15pm to go to Weight Watchers! Bad news again! I have put on another lb!!! Why am I paying to put on weight???? I am very capable of doing that on my own!!!!

Ness and I have decided to do our own Fat Club and save the money each week!!! So I rush home to cancel my direct debit! Unfortunately, the next month has come out, so I have to go until the end of November now!!!

We have now decided to try our best and lose this bloody weight!!!!! Clean slate tomorrow morning and we are going to be good!!! promise!

Chinese takeaway tonight then!! haha

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