Saturday, 18 October 2008

Friday 17th October 2008

We took Simon to the train station at 6am, and then came home.

We then had a feed, where Poppy ate all of her baby rice, and then she went back to sleep for a while! Literally an hour!

I had a shower and Poppy had a bath, then we played for a while. Well, when I say play, I sing silly songs while Poppy stands up on my lap laughing!

Poppy then couldn't make up her mind whether she was hungry or tired, so we had a bit of a tantrum and then fell asleep! For all of half an hour and then decided she was hungry!

So we fed and then she really did go to sleep!

Tanya and Connor popped over for a little while, then I had to rush around to get packed to go to Nanny Pats!

We managed to get out of the door at 2.30pm, and round to the petrol station to fill up.

We eventually got to Nanny Pats just after 4pm! I just had time for a cup of tea and then had to go and get Simon from the local train station.

We had a lovely chicken roast dinner and Poppy decided to eat a bit more and then fall asleep. I think we must have all been in bed by 10pm!

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