Thursday, 25 September 2008

Thursday 25th September 2008

I'll tell you all something! These lazy mornings are becoming a bit of a habit now! But who cares, I have worked long enough and hard enough to enjoy them!

We dropped Simon at the train station, came home and had a feed and then went back to sleep until 10am! I love it when Poppy and I come home and cuddle up in our big bed and get a few more hours sleep!

Poppy fed at 6.30pm and then fell asleep last night. I was convinced I would be up a 2am feeding, but she didn't wake until 5.30am!

However, when we got back at 6.30am Poppy drained her bottle of 8oz and then drained a further 4oz! She was so hungry!

We then rushed around feeding and then Poppy had a bath and got dressed, then I had a shower and dressed.

We are going to Sarah and Savannah's this afternoon. We have been meaning to get together for ages, but between the two of us it has been pretty hard!

They live about a mile from us, and as it was such a nice day (and I had weigh in tonight) that we walked there. It only takes about 20 mins.

We had a really nice afternoon. Poppy fed and then fell asleep, being the model baby!

It is so nice having adult conversation, even if it is mostly about our babies!

We then walked home and rushed out to get Simon from the train station.

Right, now down to the nitty gritty of Weight Watchers!!! I have no excuses what so ever! This week has disappeared in a blur and has gone so fast!

Especially after the most fantastic four days Simon and I had for our anniversary!

Anyway, enough stalling! I put on half a pound!!! Now I really am depressed!!!! I have just sat down and worked out the weeks menu's, so all I need to do now is stick to them! And not eat so damn much!!!

But why is it since I have had Poppy that I crave sweet things??? They never bothered me before I was pregnant! Raaaaaa I hate being FAT!

I want to be a yummy mummy, not a slob mummy who cant run around after Poppy! Oh I make myself so angry by eating, but I just can't stop myself! I think I need therapy!!!

Anyway, onto a more positive subject. Here is a picture of our beautiful Poppy!

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