Thursday, 7 June 2012

Happy Birthday Poppy Alice .....

4yrs and a day ago, Poppy Butler joined us, yes, Poppy turned 4 yesterday, where has the last 4 years gone!

And what a busy birthday it was, and what a lucky girl Poppy has been as well. She has been spoilt with presents and lovely messages over the last day or so, so a big thank-you to everybody who has sent a message.

So what did the day itself entail, well, to start, we of course had present opening which Poppy is now fully conversant with, and so at just after 6am it was present opening time! That was of course after Poppy was sure, Nanny and Mummy were awake as well!
Having completed the present opening ceremony it was onto the next business of the day, and this involved a short drive down the M40 to the nearest Starbucks so we could have a Cheese & Marmite 'Nini', Juice and a gold coin, Poppy's 'regular' order from Starbucks!
With presents and breakfast completed it was onwards to London, and specifically London Zoo, where we decided to spend the day, and to complete one of Poppy's wishes, which was to see a Meerkat! And despite Nanny feeling a car sick, we made it safely!
And having made it, what else was there to do but explore the zoo, and that we did. We were very lucky with the weather, for most of the day we had a rain free wander around the zoo, we missed one shower while we were playing with bugs, and another while we ate fish and chips under shetler!
We of course found the Meerkats, and the Giraffes were also another favourite, as well as Poppy having a close up experience with a cockroach which she ended up stroking!!
Oh and of course this rare Red Butterfly!
And so having done the Zoo, and i think its safe to say that Poppy had a good day, we headed home, well nearly, our last stop of the day was of course birthday dinner, and after some inspired thinking by Nanny, we diverted to Windsor, where Wagamamas greeted the Butler clan!

And that was it, day done .... happy birthday our little Butler x

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