Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday 26th September 2008

No rest for the wicked!

Today is definitely not a lazy day!

Poppy had me up at 4am for a feed, and then we just pottered around the house until we dropped Simon at the train station, then we came home and had an hour and a half extra sleep until 8am.

I managed to shower dress and dry my hair before Poppy woke at 9am for feeding!

We then had to go into town to have the car serviced. We were there nearly 2 hours, and I am amazed Poppy put up with it for so long! She got bored and eventually fell asleep.

We then rushed into the town centre to make a 12.30pm appointment with the bank. An hour later we were out and walking to the post office.

The car tax is due and I need to change my name on my passport before we can get Poppy's passport done.

This was a drama in itself! I was hoping that I would not need a new photo, as I hate them, but, I had to have some done! After I had got them, and then queued up again for the counter service, I then had to hand over £72 for my new passport! Its a pain in the butt, as I have only had my passport 2 years!!! Raaa the bloody Government, stealing my money!

With that eventually sent off, I went to meet Tanya and Connor for some lunch, a damn good gossip and some shopping! Time flies when we are together, and before we know it, it is 5pm and we have to go get Simon from the train station!

I was really excited to get home, as the anniversary present I got for Simon has arrived today! It is a picture of me and Poppy in black and white with a blue eye on canvas. I think it has turned out really well, but Simon is not so sure. Although he loves the gesture behind it and that it is from me.Here is the picture, so you can all judge for yourselves.

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