Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wednesday 24th September 2008

Today is weigh in day for Poppy.

We had a lazy morning and then went to the Health Visitor's Clinic at 1pm.

Poppy now weighs 13lb 1.5oz.

I asked about Poppy's flat head and I have been told to register it with the Doctor to see what they say. They may refer us somewhere! I will phone in the morning to make appointment! I'm getting to know all the Surgery staff really well now, as we are in there most weeks now!!!!

We then had to go into Fareham to see everyone from work and to pay my deposit for our Christmas meal!!!!

Then over to ASDA to pick up a few bits. I am bored of Tesco's! I spend far too much time there, and need to have a change! They also do lovely baby clothes, and just had to get a few outfits for Poppy.

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