Monday, 23 February 2009

Blue box of hell !

For those not local to the south coast you will be forgiven for not knowing that over the last year a box has been growing in Southampton, not just any old box but a blue one, and approx a week ago that box opened!

The box in question belonging to Ikea!

Now firstly, don't get me wrong, i think the range of goods that Ikea offers is great, in fact we have some of there furniture and its very good. What i dont like is the experience they offer the customer, and all the stooopid people that all seem to go at the same time to the store.

Its a bit like trolley rage in a supermarket, people barge pass you, and then you get the idiot families that stand in the aisles discussing which bloody stool the are going to have, blocking up the whole route for everybody else!

And then there is the store layout, you go to the top of the building first and work your way down, clever, however the Southampton store only has travelators between floors 3 and 2, between 4 and 3 you have to use one lift or stairs. So what you get is a bottle neck of all the idiots with push chairs who have not a clue what they are doing .. yes ok, that could of been us as we had push chair, but at least we folded the push chair up and walked down the stairs, and then we picked Poppy up in the lift later on!!!

So, our trip to the Blue Box of Hell was not the best .. the lesson to be learned is go at an off peak time (god knows when that is), dont go, and order online !!!

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