Saturday, 11 October 2008

Friday 10th October 2008

After a nice relaxing day yesterday, today is go go go!!!

We need to fill up with diesel, and head off to Tesco's. They are so busy, we end up at a BP Garage on the way into work.

We get to work just after 12pm, and Poppy has cuddles with most of our friends. Then Sara, Poppy and I go to ASK for pizza! (All pointed for WW)

We have a really good gossip and catch up on everything. It is Sara's birthday on Sunday, so Poppy and I are treating her to lunch.

Back in the office Auntie Julie takes control of Poppy whilst Lucy and I go for a meeting about me coming back to work. I am going back on the 10th Feb 2009, hopefully working 25 hours a week. This has to be confirmed, but Lucy is happy so hopefully will be agreed.

We then went to the bank to withdraw some change for the car boot sale we are doing with Tanya on Sunday, and then we pop in on my Nan to see how she is and to have cuddles with Poppy.

Then we have to rush off to get Simon from the train station!

We eventually get home to find some flowers on the doorstep! No note or anything either!

Once inside, the phone is flashing and there is a message from the Doctor saying the flowers are from them to say thank you for seeing the students yesterday, and that they came away really excited about meeting us!

Oh! I forgot to say. Poppy had a Leapfrog Activity Station (other activity centres are available!) delivered today, and I think she likes it!

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