Sunday, 28 September 2008

Saturday 27th September 2008

Another busy day for us all!

We have friends coming over for dinner tonight, so I had to climb into the loft and get the forth dining room chair down! Whilst I was there we put some more boxes into the loft!

Next weekend I am going to get up into that loft and sort it once and for all! It is jam packed with rubbish!

I am also doing a car boot sale in 3 weeks, so will have a good sort out to see what we can flog to the unsuspecting public!

We went into town at lunch time, which was a big mistake! It was so busy and everyone was out as Friday would have been payday!

We were looking for a new coffee machine, as our little one had died on Thursday night, and we must have coffee! I know what you are thinking, "why don't you have instant?". Well, I tell you! It is definitely not the same. We have now got an acquired taste for filter coffee and cannot possible function without it!

So, we walked all over town going to Debenhams, John Lewis, Argos, Robert Dyas and then back to John Lewis! Which is where we found the original one we liked!

Back home and just in time to prepare for dinner!

I did nibbles for starters with dips, and for main I did mango chicken with rice, salad and poppadoms. Our friends brought dessert, which was the most divine cheesecake!

We talked the night away, and before we knew it, it was midnight!

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