Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sunday 28th September 2008

I was up early this morning, about 7.30am.

Simon was looking after Poppy for the day, as I wanted to get outside and fill up the Hippowaste bag full of all the crap we have down the side of the house!

I have been meaning to do it since the beginning of June, and was planning on doing it all in the 4 weeks I was planning to have off before Poppy was due!

As you all know, Poppy could not wait another 4 weeks and came on the 6th June!

Anyway, I had to dismantle shelves, computer desks and chairs to make it all fit in the bag. Even then, I had to go buy another bag, as we still had more left to do!

Clearing this out took most of the day! Then I cooked a gammon roast dinner and then collapsed into bed!

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