Thursday, 7 August 2008

Tuesday 5th August

Really looking forward to today!

The 3 other girls that I was in hospital with before Poppy arrived and me are all meeting up! We are all decending upon Naomi today!

We have Naomi who has toddler Heidi and baby May. Trish who has toddler Adam and baby Lewis. Tanya who has baby Connor (Poppy's boyfriend!) and me with Poppy.

It was so nice seeing them all again! It has been 9 weeks since we were all together in the hospital ward! I never got to say goodbye to them either, as I went to the loo and as I was walking back, Simon and a Midwife was walking towards me saying we had to go to Labour Ward now!

I think the thing I found most comforting with us getting together is that we are not alone. The things we are feeling and our babies are doing, we are all going through it!

I haven't been to any "get togethers" for Mum's and babies really, so I never know if what we were going through with Poppy is normal or not. It was so nice to realise that everything we are experiencing is normal and other Parents are going through it too!

All those funny little noises Poppy makes, Connor makes them too!!! ha ha

We have made a pledge to meet up once a week at each others houses. We are like to 4 muskateers, but with loads of kids tagging along!!! ha ha

Oh boy! Just had a thought! Our house is so not child friendly! We will have to have a major rethink on layout and things before its my turn to have everyone round!!!! Either that or we need a bigger house! (Dont tell Simon)

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