Thursday, 7 August 2008

Wednesday 6th August

Well, today is Poppy's 2 month birthday! We have survived another month!!!

Poppy's behaviour this week has been unusual for her! She has decided that she doesnt need sleep during the day and that she will cry at every opportunity that she can!

I would love to have a sleep in the day, but Poppy has other ideas!

We dropped Daddy off at the train station for 6.15am, then we went to ASDA to do the weekly shop. We tried their trolly which has a special green padded baby seat. Poppy seemed to like it, and was wide awake the whole time we were there. In fact, at 7.30am she had enough and started screaming for her breakfast.

I went into Supermarket Sweep mode and was randomly chucking things in the trolley to make sure we had some food for the week! God only knows what we have in the fridge now!!!

Anyway, we made it home and guzzled her milk down!

Poppy has started to cat nap! 5 mins here 10 mins there!!!

We had to take Gadget back to the vets at 9am, so with military precision I bundle baby, cat and half of house into car and set off to Bitterne where out Vets are.

We have to leave Gadget there, as the vet wants to do a couple of X-rays to see if his paw is broken/fractured etc.

Then back home for a rest!! Yeah right! Poppy was wide awake again, and I only manage to get the washing done and let Boris loose upstairs! (Boris is our intelligent vacum cleaner)

1pm - off to the Community Centre to see the Health Visitor! I know Simon and I have talked about lots of things we wanted to ask the Health Visitor, but do I remember! Like heck do I. When Simon asked what they said about this and that, I just looked blank and said "We should write this down you know!". Useless! My memory is shot to pieces! I have to write everything down otherwise it wont get done!

Anyway, Poppy now weighs a whopping 10lb 9oz! The Health Visitor is happy with her as she is alert and very awake!!!

We are going to try a new routine of feed, wind, put in cot to sleep!!! We will see if it works!

We then went for a walk to try and get Poppy to sleep. It worked for the 30 mins we were out, but as soon as we got home she woke up!

Daddy was running late with the train, so we went and got Gadget from the vets. He is now on painkillers and antibiotics for a week! Also, on the way home he started making a funny noise, and when we got home realised why! He had wet himself in the cat basket and all over Simon's passengers seat! So I had to clean all that up!

Then I thought I would give Gadget food and drug before I went to get Simon. That was fine, but when I went to do a litter tray for him, all the litter fell out all over the kitchen floor! So I had to sweep that up. Today was not going well!!!!

We eventually picked Daddy up and got home! I cancelled going out with my friend, as I was completely stressed by this time!

Had to mop the kitchen floor and clean all the tops where the litter had gone! At least by this time Poppy was asleep!

She woke at 9pm for a feed and then went off to bed. She woke at 3.30am for her next feed which is really good. I am at least getting a few hours kip a night now!

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