Thursday, 7 August 2008

Monday 4th August 2008

Oh My God! I am so tired! I was really grumpy with Simon as I took him to the train station. He is so patient with me, and I love him so much for it!

Poppy was crying every time I put her down. I didn't feel like I could cope today as I was so tired. All I could do was sit and cry with Poppy!

Our friend Maria and her 2 boys, Callum and Oliver, came over to look after Poppy as I needed to go to the dentist to have a filing!

After the morning I was having, the dentist seemed like the better option! I was gone 2 hours. With a numb mouth I trundled home to see what Poppy was up to. Apparently she was as good as gold!!! Typical!

She eventually fell asleep that afternoon and I had about 2 hours sleep with her.

Daddy was amazing as ever when we got home, he made me go to bed at 6pm and I had a couple of hours sleep. Apparently, I slept through the dinner I put in the oven nearly burning the house down!

Simon made the dinner and sorted Poppy out that night so I could get some sleep. Thanks Babe you are a star! x

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