Friday, 21 September 2007

Day 6 - Thank-you

Just a quick note this evening (your morning in the UK !). Thank-you for all the messages whether via text or e-mail or via the comments, we have got them all and have been reading them. The wife is a little slow at replying to her e-mails at the moment but i will have words. I don't know, she is slow at replying to her e-mails now, what will it be like when she has to cook my dinner as well !!!!

We have had a great day. Helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon this afternoon and then this evening we went to see 'The Beatles - Cirque De Soleil' which was amazing, hard to explain in writing but amazing!

And its started raining!!!!

Well its just gone 1am for us, and i need just a little beauty sleep as we have an early start tomorrow we are off to see the Hoover Dam up close!

Photos, of course, to follow!

1 comment:

  1. You both look fabulous! Here I am sitting at my desk crying at your wedding photos!
    Lots of love xx