Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day 7 - Last Day

Dam.jpgWell our last full day in Las Vegas has come an end and we have continued to cram as much as possible in and knacker ourselves out - we should sleep well on the plane back!

Our agenda for the last day included a trip to see the Hoover Dam. Jerry, our tour guide for the trip was a local to Las Vegas so we learnt lots about the area and what you don't get in the guide books!

The Hoover Dam was good, an incredible bit of engineering, and breath taking when you see it for the first time. We did the lightning tour, so spent about half an hour on the tour inside the dam and then about twenty minutes looking around outside and of course taking just a few pics!

To round off our day we did a helicopter ride down the strip at night. It was an incredible but short trip, what made it more interesting was a thunder storm coming in from the surrounding mountains. We had flashes of lighting all the time but the ride was smooth and really good. After we landed the heavens opened and Vegas had a few more drops of rain to help out their 6 year drought!

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