Thursday, 20 September 2007

Day 6 - The Day After ....

Elvis1.jpgOk, first off, the photos are there now, so go have a look! The photo that i have picked to accompany this entry is not Jo's choice, in fact we did not ask for it to be taken but Sammy Davis Jnr said that if Elvis was in the house, then we may as well!! It also made me think that if Elvis was there, then Dad was certainly there in spirit.

Elvis also told us that amongst other's Frank Sinatra and Joan Collins also got married at the 'Little White Wedding Chapel' (not to each other!) so i am sure Dad would approve as well !!

Our wedding evening did not go as planned, but that actually made it even better. We decided to change out of our wedding clothes as it was so hot and Jo decided to wear her Southampton top, and no, i did not force her, i know she has to obey everything i say now (!!!!!) but she did choose to wear it. We headed for the Irish Pub in the hotel and after getting a Guinness we went outside. 30 seconds after sitting down we found we were sitting opposite a couple from Portsmouth who had got married this week as well and the groom was a life long Pompey supporter! For those unaware, Southampton and Portsmouth footfall fans are not renowned to get along! Well we proved them wrong! He did have to go and put on his Pompey top so we ended up sitting in an Irish Pub, with a Saints and Pompey supporter sitting opposite each other in Las Vegas !!! We even had people walking past the pub shouting comments to us.

We had to stay for a few pints, rude not too!! and then we went for dinner and a wander - we decided not to go to the show, we have another show to go and see this evening.

On our agenda for today is the Grand Canyon!

We also opened all our cards this morning, thank-you all for the cards, and the maid also says thanks for all the confetti that is now on the floor!


  1. Hi Guy's
    Hope you got our Congratulations and Best Wishes Email.
    This Blog makes great reading but the Pictures are the best.
    Jo, you look wonderful and Simon looks good too.
    Pleased you are enjoying Vegas and having fun.
    Glad to hear that you are doing some site seeing too.
    All our love and best wishes, Mum and Dad F. XX XX XX

  2. Hi Mr & Mrs Butler,
    About bloody time!!!! You both look great (shame Simon's not in his Elvis outfit - perhaps he keeps it for private showings!!! Mr Hunk-a, Hunk-a burning love!!!). Hope you've taken lots of photo's (out of the bedroom). Look forward to seeing you both soon. Wayne, Ria, Jakey & Ollie.

  3. Hi Mr and Mrs Butler

    Congratulations to you both. Jo you look beautiful I love the dress and your hair is gorgeous.
    I started to cry when I saw the photos you both look so happy.

    Take Care
    Love Ju S