Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 1 - The Butler's do 'Strictly' - Final part !

Our day is done .. we are now settled back in our camp for the night, and all in all a pretty good day .. Poppy is likely to crash at any moment, and i suspect that the two other 'girls' are likely to crash soon after!

After settling in to our hotel we walked to Canary Wharf in search of food. Canary Wharf being about 15mins walk from the hotel.

We were pleasantly surprised by the choice, however we had already decided on pizza and so headed, with the help of Jo's map reading, to Pizza Express, where we went on to have a very very good meal.

Having totally filled ourselves up, and a sneaky visit to Waitrose to get a bottle of wine we wandered back to camp!

In the time it has taken me to compose this entry, Poppy has crashed and is now fast asleep and Jo is on her second glass of wine .. i think snoring will commence shortly all round!

Night readers!

(Updates today, especially for Uncle Nik!)

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