Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 2 - The Butler's do 'Strictly'

We had a reasonable night's sleep, as well as you can in a hotel that you are not use too, and Poppy lasted until just before 7am, of course that was followed shortly afterwards with a 'i have a rumbly tummy' comment from Poppy, which meant that it was breakfast time!
Breakfast was a pretty decent affair. A buffet style breakfast with all the usual selections being available - the breakfast recieving a very reasonable 7 out of 10. It was docked a point for not having Marmite, but made up for it by having the nice touch of boiled eggs being available.
Having completed breakfast, it was then time to check out. We had decided that driving and parking at the O2 was the best option, so that when we were ready to leave, we could jump in the car and head off, rather than worrying about tubes or boats!

So we jumped in the car, having of course checked out first, and went under the sea (the Blackwall Tunnel having seen us a few times over the weekend) and parked up at the O2 Arena.

Having parked, and worked out how me and Poppy were going to get to the London Eye, we decided to stop and have a coffee break, and where else, but Starbucks!
We then split up .. the Strictly crew were left to wander and prepare for there afternoon of dancing while we headed off for our boat, and a trip along the Thames to central London.

The boat trip was really good. What you do not realise is that it is a fair distance from the arena to central London, in fact a 45min boat trip .. just enough time for Poppy to have a power nap!
With Poppy re-charged, she woke just as we arrived at the London Eye as was ready to go for a spin!

We were also in luck as the fog that we had woken up too, cleared as we got our tickets and the sun came out for our whirl around the wheel.
Poppy had no issues whatsoever about getting on the wheel and enjoyed her trip. I have to say that the free gifts that they gave her as she boarded kept her more occupied than the views, but i think she enjoyed herself.
In the meantime the Strictly crew had reported back that they had been allowed in and were in there seats and ready to go! The seats were 'in the gods' so the dancers looked a little far away, but the event was receiving the reviews of 'very very good'.
Having done the Eye, we went for lunch, and Poppy had her second Cheese and Marmite panini, although she got the iPhone confused with her panini in the photo above !!

Following lunch, we jumped back on the the boat too meet the Strictly crew.

We met the dancing team back at the O2 and after a spot of dinner, we jumped in the car and headed back to Berkshire. The journey back took us over the Thames more than once, avoiding central London because of Chinese New Year celebrations happening in Trafalgar Square, however we made it home!

And that is how you do London!

A few more pictures will follow at a later date, and no doubt on our FlickR account as well.

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