Sunday, 19 June 2011

Peppa Pig World!

I think we can now say that Poppy's birthday celebrations are over!

Yesterday, Saturday 18th June, was Poppy and Millie's joint birthday party at Paultons Park - if Paultons Park does not sound very exciting, well then i should say that within Paultons Park is  a new attraction, which is called Peppa Pig World!
So having fueled up on bacon sarnies for breakfast we headed for Paultons Park - when i say 'we' the guest list included two Nannies, a Great Nanny, an uncle, an aunt, a great aunt  and a friend of a great aunt and Millie, Rhys and Eric and although they could not be there in person, Ollie and Wayne from the Swindon gang in spirit (get well soon Wayne).
Having tackled our long journey to the park (ok so its about 20mins from us) we managed to meet everybody at the park entrance, and having made sure that Poppy was under 1 metre tall (kids get in free if they are under 1 metre) we entered the realms of Paultons Park!
Paulton's Park, i think, did not disappoint.  It is certainly a theme park aimed at the young kids, and Peppa Pig world is a very clever addition.  It is well thought out, well done, and if it is well maintained will keep the kids happy for ages!

We of course headed for Peppa Pig World to start with, and in fact spent most of our day there.  The Park does offer more rides and attractions outside of Peppa Pig World however we got sucked into Pig World!!

And despite the weather teasing us every so often I think we can say that everybody had a good time, the kids certainly did,I know for a fact that the four kids were fast asleep before the cars hit the motorway as soon as we all left!

Of course no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake and this birthday party was no exception, and we have Deborah to thank for the cake which was of course a Peppa Pig cake!

And despite the wind and rain interrupting the cake ceremony a little, the girls still got a birthday song (lucky them!).

And that was our day out at Paultons Park for Poppy and Millie's birthdays.

As you might of guessed, there are a few other photos that were taken and they can be seen in the usual places, they are on Facebook now, and will be on the FlickR site as well.

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