Thursday, 26 February 2009

You plonker Rodney!

Many of you will know that the Butler clan is spread far and wide, and although we may reside on the South Coast, my No1 Brother lives on the east coast, that being the east coast of Australia!

As you may expect, Australia has a few nasty creepy crawlies such as snakes and spiders, but Nik has discovered that the most dangerous thing in Australia is actually him!

Just before Christmas he ended up in hospital for a night after grabbing and getting spiked by a plant, the thorn that got him was poisonous and he needed to get the poison out of his blood stream.

This week he has quite literally struck himself again, this time with a hedge trimmer, the end result being 15 stitches, a few of them on show in the picture!

And lastly this week, he has been stung by a bee, possibly not his doing, but they do say things comes in threes, so Nik should be trouble free for awhile!

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