Saturday, 7 May 2011

Water in the garden

With a little bit of warmth and sun over the last few weeks we have spent more time in the garden, and Jo has worked wonders in our little back garden haven, and with a few tips and assistance from Mum, and some plants from Jo's Nan the garden is looking pretty damn good.
Now I have played little part in this transformation, Jo spending long hours working in the garden or beating up stone wall builders!
However, we have both agreed that there has been something missing and yesterday I think I found the missing something.
Yes, we now have our own little water feature. It's not massive and we had a few restrictions. Although we have a power socket outside it is not designed to be permanently connected, so we needed something that is solar powered. This little unit is, it stores the power in a small battery and then runs when you switch it on.

The sound of running water in the garden is lovely.
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