Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 3 - Starbucks 24hrs!

Starbucks.jpgRefreshed and ready for our first fully day in Sin City!

Both had a good night's sleep (apart from the roller coaster, that was suppose to stop at 11pm, but i am sure i heard it at 4am - or its the drains (or Jo!!!)).

No coffee making facilities in the room, but no worries - Starbucks is 24hrs on the casino floor and believe it or not there were still people playing the slots!!

Take a look on our FlickR page as we have uploaded a few pics that we took yesterday evening, more to follow later today.

Plan is to take it easy and just find our bearings today - so a little wander, a little gamble, and maybe a little shop with some liquid refreshment!

Thanks for the e-mail Nan - we will keep an eye out for the Marina Hotel on our wanders today.


  1. Hi guys
    Glad your both having fun and your safe and well. Have a starbucks for me too. Can't wait to see the wedding pics. dont want to see any pics of Jo's emergency bag though!!!

    Love Ness x

  2. Hi
    Glad you both arrived safe. Photos look really good so far looking forward to the wedding photos.
    Best Wishes
    Julie S

  3. Hi there you two. What a terrible start to your journey Si, finding out that your bridge to be wasn't a virgin. Poor Jo. I've often wondered what people do with the bag afterwards.... do you leave it in the pocket of the seat in front?!

    Have a great time, try and get a pic of Jo on the rollercoaster with her wedding gear on.
    Love A.Sue (who taught you everything you need to know about weddings)