Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday 12th October 2008


Arrrrrr It is now 05:35 and I am waiting for Tanya to come round so we can have a coffee and then go off to the car boot sale! Hopefully we will sell everything and make a fortune!!!

This is a horrible time of morning, and it is still dark outside! I have packed a torch so we know where we are putting things!!!

Anyway, I will update more once the sale is over!

Right! I am back now from the car boot sale. It was dark when we arrived, and had to use torches to set up! Before I had even got out of the car people were asking if I had mobiles or jewellery!

It was so foggy, but not too cold. It must have taken me half hour to set up as I had so much stuff.

It always amazes me how people turn into vultures at car boot sales!

It was so busy already, and it was only 6.30am.

At 8am we needed the first coffee of the day, so I trundle off to get them.

Selling is going well, although Tanya's table is a bit slow on the uptake.

Poppy and Simon surprise me with a visit too, which is really nice. I didn't expect to see them, but was so pleased that they came. They made sure I was working hard, went for a wonder and then came home. Not before Simon bought me a bacon butty!

The hours just flew by! Before we knew it it was 12pm and the sun was beating down!

Selling was slowing down a bit by now, although it was still very busy. We decided to give it until 12.30pm and then we would go home. We were both missing our families by then.

I got home and unloaded what I didn't sell, which is not much at all! I need to take it all to a charity shop now!

I counted up all our money, and we had made £84.55! That is brill, as it covers the cost of the new Leapfrog activity station we have just bought Poppy!

Well worth the six and a half hours in the fog! I have now decided that I will do another one for all the DVD's we have! 15 photocopier paper boxes full with around 500 DVD's!

I have just had a sleep, as I am knackered! Simon says it is the first days work I have done in 4 months! Cheeky bugger!

I am currently having a nice back massage in the chair, and then I am going for a soak in the bath before I do dinner! Pork chops, rice and veg. (I forgot to get potatoes!)

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