Sunday, 20 March 2011

I had a wee on the Ark Royal

When Poppy looks back at this blog in years to come she will be able to see a record of what she got up to in her early years, well today is one of those days that she can add to this collection, for today we have been on board HMS Ark Royal, and yes, Poppy had a wee on board!!

We were guests of a friend of Jo's for there daughters christening, the christening taking place on board the ship.  I think its a ship, i was not really sure if it was a ship, or a boat, or something else, i am not very up on my sailing terms!

So on Sunday morning we headed to the docks in Portsmouth, Poppy and Jo looking lovely and all dressed up and after getting through a few security gates we were on board!  It might be getting old, and retired, but its still an impressive ship, and we were lucky to be on board, we have certainly been on a little bit if history today. However we are pretty certain at this point that Poppy is not going to be a sailor, the actual christening was held on the rear deck (i am sure it has a technical term) and when we went outside Poppy was not happy so while Jo watched the christening i kept Poppy amused, we then went below deck to have some food, but by this time Poppy had decided that  she did not want to be on board at all, so missing out on sampling the on board catering, we left a little early and came home.

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