Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nanny's Back!

Well, after tracking Nanny all night through the sky, Nanny is safely back in the UK!

A healthy breakfast was required while we waited at Heathrow for the flight to land:

And after breakfast was done, we only had to wait a short while before Poppy was running up to Nanny and giving her a hug!

Yep, Mum/Nanny is back in the UK after her visit to the 'Aussies' .. we are happy to report that she had a good trip and we are now back at Westview.  The only problem with getting up so early (4am!!) is that it now feels like the middle of the day, whereas its only just gone 9am!!

Breakfast has been done, and now i think its time for an early afternoon doze !!!

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