Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mickey gets taken out

As we have already mentioned Poppy was really good on our trip away, despite being a bit off colour and having the odd moment or two (but we all have them, right?) she was a dream to take away.  

However, there was one moment, when Jo was in a shop buying some pictures when Poppy decided to 'take out' Mickey.
 It was one of those moments when you should not be laughing but could not help yourself.  She dragged Mickey off a shelf, as you can see, he is about the same size as Poppy.  

She then proceeded to slam dunk Mickey, before giving him a cuddle and shouting 'Mickey' at the top of her voice.  Jo being totally oblivious to all this.
I managed to snap two quick pictures, which are a little out of focus, before having to do the whole 'parent' thing and show her the error of her ways ... in other words, i threw Mickey back on the shelf, grabbed Poppy and ran!

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