Thursday, 24 February 2011

Birthday day ...

Another year, and guess what another birthday!  And also day 2 of Poppy and Daddy's adventures!

This year's birthday is a little more low key that last year's.  This time last year i was very nearly completing my pilgrimage to the Mothership, however this year we have not traveled so far, and in fact not an Apple Store in sight!  Although there was an Apple related product or two in my birthday presents .. thank-you all for my presents.

Today we headed to Portsmouth, and Gunwharf Quay, unfortunately Jo had to work, so it was just the two of us.  The plan was only to have a wander and possibly walk along to Southsea depending on the weather, but those plans changed a little as the sun came out

We decided to go up the Spinnaker Tower.  Its something we have never done, Poppy has never been up it, so we decided after a coffee and a chocolate brownie to hit the tower!

 We had a good trip up, and a good look around, and Poppy had a great time, she also changed colour half way through, although nothing to do with her walking over the glass that allows you to see all the way to the bottom

 Poppy had her face painted, so when we came down from the tower, I had a pink tiger with me!

After we had a spot of lunch and a little wander around it was time to head home.  Our pink tiger is currently exhausted and asleep, so our meal out this evening might have to be postponed until the weekend .. its been a busy two days, and a good birthday.

As ever, all the pictures of the day are on our Facebook page, and FlickR.

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