Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A trip to the zoo ...

Its Wednesday, and on a 'normal' Wednesday Poppy would be delivered to Westview at about 7am in the morning to spend the day with Nanny .. however for the next few weeks, while Nanny is off on her travels, as recently reported, its 'Daddy and Poppy' time!  So for our first adventure, we headed off to the city!

The city being London City, although to be more exact London Zoo
So after seeing Jo off to work, we packed our bags, and rain coats and headed to London.  Of course a breakfast stop was required en-route and that was taken at Fleet Services, where we had a 'Starbucks' 
Following a Cheese & Marmite panini we were back in the car and off to London.  The weather was not kind to us today, we had rain pretty much the whole day, but we did not let that stop us!

We arrived just before 11am and spent the next few hours exploring .. when i say exploring, Jo told Poppy that we were coming to see Teddy Bears, so we spent most of our time looking for them !!!  However, the Gorillas, Penguins and Giraffes were also popular.
Despite the weather, we had a good trip, of course we missed Mummy/Jo, however we took the odd one or two pictures to keep her up to date as to what we were up too .. these can now be found on our Facebook page.
And, its only day 1 ... its Daddy and Poppy, day 2 tomorrow ... watch this space!


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