Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Safari Park

This week we are all on holiday .. even Poppy has a day off nursery, however more of that later in the week.

Monday, our first day off we decided on a day out, the weather was good, and the forecast is not for the rest of the week so we decided to head west to a location that i, or Jo had not visited for a very long time.
Our destination was Longleat Safari Park.

Well we had a really good day.  The weather was superb, the safari park was good, Poppy had a good run around and also stroked a tarantula.  She did get a little worried over a parrot that was a little loud, but apart from that we think she loved it.
As for our memories of Longleat, well not many to be honest, i  just about remember it from my childhood, Jo remembers a monkey pulling out the water jet from her windscreen washer!  Thankfully the monkey drive-thru was closed!

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