Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Happy Birthday Simon!

I thought it was my turn to blog today! No doubt Simon will as well, but I thought I would beat him to it!
Today our super Simon is 40 years old! Yes, I know you are all thinking that it happened years ago, but I can assure you that he is only 40!

He has opened a his cards and as you can see below there are a few! They are now taking pride of place onto of the TV unit! We are just about to go for breakfast and then make our way to Union Square to pick up the hire car. A convertible! Although not sure we are gonna get to use the drop top! It's still raining!

Hopefully we will be able to navigate our way to Cuperitino, the Mecca for Apple lovers! Simon needs to pay hommage.  Also, it is Steve Job's birthday today, so Simon is double excited!
For you people who are asking "who the hell is Steve?", well he is the CEO of Apple Plc. God to the Apple freaks!

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