Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pilgrimage complete!

My pilgrimage is complete ... today we made it to the Mother ship!  Yes, we made it to the headquarters of Apple Inc.

Did it live up to my expectations .. well, yes it did!  

We left San Francisco in our Ford Mustang convertible and headed out on interstate 280.  At junction 11 we turned off and then as if by magic, we were there.  We parked easily and then after taking a few pictures we headed into the Company Store.  The Company Store is an Apple Store, but it is unique, it is the only shop in the world to sell Apple products such as clothing and items such as mugs and pens.  They do also sell iPods, but the point of the store is most certainly the unique items you cannot get anywhere else.

We did have to make a few purchases in the store, well it would of been rude not too after coming all that way!  After a few more photos we went to a restaurant which is just off the campus and had a really nice lunch.  It was packed, and a very large majority of the customers were Apple members of staff!

After that, we headed back to San Francisco, where the weather has turned really nice again.  We had a really nice walk out to another part of San Francisco this afternoon and saw the sun setting behind the Golden Gate Bridge.
So it has been an excellent day - i have been very lucky, had some lovely messages, card and presents (thank-you all) and have had a brilliant day, all thanks to my very lovely wife.


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