Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sunday 9th November 2008

Today Simon is working, and it is also Rob's birthday.

Poppy and I drove Simon to work, and then we went on to see Nanny Pat.

We managed to get Poppy's car seat in the back of Pat's car, but it was a complete nightmare. She has a 3 door car, so I had to clamber over everything to secure Poppy. Also, the seat belt was not really long enough!

Anyway, we were in! We drove round to the grave yard and went to visit Rob/Granddad's grave. It is so pretty with lots of plants and flowers on it. We also saw Debbie, Millie and Pam.

We then went back to Nanny Pat's for Poppy's milk time! She managed to polish off 8oz and then fell asleep for nearly 3 hours! In that time we watched a really odd film!

Poppy woke up for her next feed and polished off another 8oz, then it was time for us to go and get Simon from the local train station and drive home.

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