Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Saturday 8th November 2008

Today is Lewis' Christening. We had a lie in and then rushed to get ready! I have no idea where the Church is and prayed that Tom Tom got us there!

We managed to find the Church and park down a side road.

It has been pouring it down with rain all morning, but manages to stay dry until we get into the Church.

This is no normal Church! It is really nice inside! They have an area at the back which has loads of toys for the kids, and it has heaters so it is nice and warm.

The service was about 20 mins, and it was really informal. The Vicar said it was OK for the kids to run about and scream!!!

Although it was really nice, it still doesn't make us want a Christening! Simon came to the Church, but did not fancy the get together after, so I dropped Simon & Poppy at home and went to the pub on my own. Wish they had both come with me, I felt like a right lemon on my own!!!!

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