Monday, 3 November 2008

Sunday 2nd November 2008

Home time!

We left at 11am and headed for home! However, we decided to stop en route at Blackbush Market. I haven't been there for years, and was looking forward to having a look around!

We were specifically looking for meat!!!

We picked up lots of bargains, I got 4 joints of gammon and 9 large pork chops for £15!!! We also got batteries, razor blade, baby shampoo, kitchen sponges, washing rotary line cover, air freshener refills, loads of veg and a cooked chicken! I'm sure there was more too!!!

It was an hour or so well spent.

We then really did head home!

I was going to roast veg and potatoes with the cooked chicken, but I kinda burnt it all so we had to phone out for pizza!!!!

I did however put on the slow cooker with a couple of pork chops in for Monday's dinner!

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