Monday, 3 November 2008

Saturday 1st November 2008

Simon and I left early this morning to head into London. We are off to the Stuff Live exhibition at Excel London.

I managed to forget the tickets at home, but luckily I phoned the organisers and they are holding tickets at the box office for us!!! Phew!

We arrive just before 10am, which is when it opens, and collect our tickets. We then head on in!

It is smaller than I thought it would be, but much better than the Mac Expo show last weekend! We have a good look round and pick up lots of leaflets for gadgets. We also enter a few competitions! I expect we wont win anything!!!

After an hour or so wondering around, we decide to head to the new shopping centre which is by Olympia Hall.

It is really big, and only opened last Thursday. The most amazing thing there is the car park!!! You know how frustrating it is driving around trying to find a parking space? Well, there is a solution!!! It is so simple, but so very effective!!!

Each parking bay has a red and green light above it. As you drive past the end of an aisle, you can look for the green lights, which means a space, or the red ones which mean the space is full! How genius is that!!! I am so very impressed with this idea and whoever thought of it should be Knighted!!!!

Anyway back to shops!!! There are loads of posh shops, and there is even a section of it called the Village, which has all the very posh shops, including Tiffany & Co (unfortunately Simon did not get the very obvious hint from me on that one!!!), Dior, Omega, Prada etc!!!

It was rammed packed and we had to go to Boots for lunch as all the ques for the restaurants were sooooo long!!!!

We then got bored and had walked all the way round, so we decided to head back to Nanny Pat's and see what her and Poppy had been up to!

We stayed the night again, as we were all very tired from our very busy day!

Poppy had had a great time again, and mostly slept the day! She also did a big pooey nappy for Nanny!

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