Monday, 17 November 2008

Wednesday 12th November 2008

Today we have Nanny Pat and Fab Auntie Sue coming down to spend the day with me and Poppy.

They arrive just after midday, and we go in Fab Auntie Sue's big Porche 4x4 thing!!! Think we need one of them! It fits the buggy in and everything!!!

We then go and have lunch in John Lewis. We have omelette's which are soooo scrummy!

We then make it down to the shoe department of John Lewis, where Sue manages to try on every boot in the place!!! At least she managed to buy a pair!

I also found the boots I would like for Christmas!

Then we went to Monsoon, where I found a few lovely dresses! Only one of them was in my size, but it is lovely! I try it on and it fits a bit too well!!! I have a works Christmas Party coming up and I really want to glam it up! So, not sure about the dress I ask them to put it by so I can come back with a friend to make a decision!

Then we go to Next and Sue tries on some skinny jeans.

By then, it is 5pm and we have to make our way to the train station to pick up Simon! We get stuck in traffic, and it is 6pm before we get to him!

In Simon's words, "even the last boy playing rugby is picked up before him!!!". Must admit, he did look a little lonely standing there waiting for us!

Then we made our way home for a well deserved cuppa and sleep!!!

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