Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wednesday 8th October 2008

Weigh in day today! For Poppy anyway!

We took Simon to the train station again, and then came home. We fed and then I put Poppy in her cot for a sleep.

Me on the other hand, put the washing away, did the washing up, made the bed (as promised) and prepared a sausage casserole! Oh and I also caught up on watching my crap TV I record each day!

Then, it was 10am and I thought I had better have a shower!

We went to the Health Visitor today, and we met a lady who had a 6 week old baby. She had a magic arm too! She had the whole arm and wrist, but then had a small hand with 5 Malteser sized nubs on the end.

We had a really nice chat, and she told me what it was like growing up with it and the prosthetics and the bullying at school. I hope we bump into her again, as she and her friend were really nice and her little girl was gorgeous!

Anyway, to the important stuff. Poppy now weighs 14lb 1oz!!! She has put on 1lb in 2 weeks! She is still slightly under the line, but this is OK. she is gaining at a good steady rate, and to be quite honest I would rather she be under the line than above it! If she was above it she would be fat!!!! And I cant have Poppy being like her Mummy!

We then popped in to see Patz Catz, the cattery we use, to say hello and show off Poppy. The we rushed to the Post Office to post my breast pump I have sold on eBay, and then rushed to MAKRO to meet Tanya and Connor.

I love our MAKRO runs! We get all our nappies, baby wipes and baby food there. It is so much cheaper than the normal supermarket! We gossip all the way round, and for some reason odd bits that we don't really need falls into our trolleys!!!!

I bought so much, that we needed to put Poppy's buggy into Tanya's car so we can fit it all in our little Citroen!

Then back to ours for tea and afternoon cake!!! And to feed our little hungry hippo's.

We rush out to go and get Simon from the station, and then back home to prepare for my 2nd tutorial with my Open University Tutor.

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