Saturday, 11 October 2008

Thursday 9th October 2008

A nice quiet day at home today!

We didn't do much today, I cleaned a bit and watched all my crap TV.

The at 4pm we had 3 medical students come and visit us!

Our Doctor called to ask if his 1st year medical students could come to have a chat with me about the impact of a new baby to our lives, and also how the first 4 months have been.

So the 3 of them trundled into the conservatory and I started to babble on about how Poppy has changed our lives, for better and for worse, and also how her development has evolving and how it feels to be a Mummy.

They stayed for about 45 minutes and then left, I think they got what they needed, and they made lots of notes!

Then we went to get Simon from the train station.

I decided that I really did not want to get weighed this week! I have had such a bad food week, I just knew I had put on loads!

However, Simon made me go, and I am glad he did! I put on 3lb. That means that I have been doing WW for 5 weeks and have put on 1lb! Arrrrrrrrr

So now I am writing everything down!

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