Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tuesday 14th October 2008

We had a lie in this morning! Simon drove to work this morning, so Poppy and I slept until 7.30am!

I fed Poppy. We have started to introduce baby rice, and this is the 2nd day! She s not too keen, but I think it is because she is only used to milk. I mix the rice with milk to make it more runny. She does eat it eventually, and as long as I do some rice and then some milk and then more rice and then more milk, it seems to work! I think perseverance is the key here!

Then Poppy goes back to sleep whilst I have a shower, get up and do a bit of cleaning!

We have our neighbours, Suzannah and Lee Jacob, coming over for coffee at lunch time.

I have put out a load of books that I didn't sell at the car boot for SCOPE, and left a note saying I have more if they want it and ring the bell! They do, so I have now got rid of all the crap we took to the car boot!

Suzannah and Lee Jacob turn up and we have a good chat. Lee Jacob has just started walking whilst holding on to you and wants to walk non stop!

Here they are watching Something Special on the TV!

It is Lee Jacob's birthday in November. He will be 1, and we have been invited to his birthday party! Poppy has such a busy social life!

Once they go, we have a lazy afternoon. Although Poppy didn't want to sleep at all, but wanted to stand up all afternoon! My arms are really hurting now!

Simon comes home just after 6pm, and takes Poppy upstairs so I can get on with more washing and dinner!

Poppy then falls asleep on Simon and has all of 30mins, before waking up hungry! Daddy is now doing Poppy's food as I am typing this! Our dinner is in the oven too, and should be ready in about 15 mins!

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