Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Monday 13th October 2008

Off to our weekly meeting with the girls today!

We are at Tanya's again today. Trish's boys are poorly still, so they wont be joining us.

In fact, there is only Tanya, Connor, Naomi, Heidi, May, Me and Poppy today! A very quiet get together!

As usual, we put the world to rights and talk about everything in between!

I had to go to the bank first thing to pay in all our profits from the car boot sale! Then Poppy decided to fall asleep in the car, so I drive around for a bit and then go to Tanya's early!

Poppy has been really grizzly today, and not eating much! All she did was cry and fidget! I think her teeth are moving again!

So, after I have had enough of her moaning, we come home. The we go and get Simon from the train station, and then Poppy is the perfect child for Daddy! Bloody typical!

Simon bathes Poppy and gets her ready for bed, then I feed her and before we know it she is out for the count!

Here is the first picture of the three of us together. Wayne and Maria took it on Saturday when we visited them

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