Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sunday 26th October 2008

OH MY GOD! Will I ever get a full nights sleep!!!!

Just one word! GIZMO!!!!!

I woke up around midnight to what smelt like the worst nappy ever! The smell actually woke me up!

I looked around and I could see Gizmo trying to clean himself in the corner of the bedroom. He must have eaten something dodgy, as he was covered in poop!!!!

I chucked him outside in the hope that he would get the hint and clean up his own mess. When I went into the lounge the smell was just awful. I switched on the light and nothing could have prepared me for this! I was so very nearly sick!

Gizmo had managed to smear himself all over the glass coffee table and sofa!!! So there I was at midnight disinfecting the whole lounge! I even had to wake Simon up to get him to see if he could smell anymore!!!

Then back to sleep with the patio doors shut so Gizmo cannot get back in!!!

At 2am, I was then woken by the sound of Gadget meowing outside our bedroom window! He was desperate to get in and was trying to jump up to the window from the conservatory roof!

So down I go again to let him in, and when I open the conservatory door, Gizmo is sate there waiting to come in!!!

Gadget is so thick! I open the patio doors and call to him to get him off the conservatory roof. He comes down, but comes through the cat flap rather than the open door!!!

Gizmo is still covered, so there was nothing else to do by get him in the bath. It was disgusting!

Eventually he is wet enough and clean enough to be let out of the bathroom to go dry off, and I collapse back into bed!

A lazy day after all that! Simon goes to Tesco to get some shopping and I cook dinner!

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