Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday 25th October 2008

The bed was so hard! But I somehow managed to sleep.

Simon woke early and went in search of coffee from Starbucks up Kensington High Street. He told me he went for a jog and picked them up on the way back! I think he is telling porkies!!!!

Awake, coffee drunk and showered, we head down for breakfast. The Hilton Hotel offers a full breakfast menu. Simon had a full English breakfast and toast. I had toast, 2 small pastries and a bagel.

We then head over to Olympia Exhibition hall for the Mac Expo show.

We were in there approximately 15 mins!!!! It was dia! They have made it more towards businesses and less towards the general public!

So, we decided to go next door to the Grand Hall, which had the Ski and Snow show on! Everything snow related! Skiing, snow boarding, holidays, clothing. Even had an ice rink and a curling thing!!!!! Also, the Land Rover stand had demo's which took you up a really steep hill, turns around on the top and back down again!

We walked around for about 45 mins before getting bored of people trying to sell us stuff. Simon hates skiing!!! It was rather funny actually, sales people kept asking us if we skied! We said NO!

Simon wasn't feeling too good, so we start to head back to Paddington to get the train back to Reading.

We eventually get to Nanny Pat's at 1.30pm. Poppy and Nanny have had a lovely time again, even though Poppy was a bit upset last night. We think it is her injections taking hold, or doing whatever they do!

Poppy wants feeding again, even though she fed at 11.45am, so at 2pm she has another 5oz! Then at 3pm we decide we need to go home!

Poppy falls asleep in the car, and I have a moment or two too!

Poppy has just fallen asleep, and Chinese takeaway is on its way as I type!!! mmmmm

No doubt we will eat and watch the X Factor!!!! Oh the life we lead! I love it!!

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