Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday 6th October 2008

This morning we are looking after Connor, so we were up early fed and dressed by 9.30am.

Connor was dropped off at 10am and Tanya rushed off to a meeting at work.

Just before they arrived, we all received a text from Trish who told us that Adam had a temperature and was not feeling too good, and that the weekly get together was probably best held somewhere else today.

I nominated Tanya's place, as we were due there next week anyway. So, on the way back from her meeting she picked up the food that Trish had organised (jacket potatoes mmmm) and then came to collect Connor. Everyone was due at 12pm at Tanya's house.

I closed up the house and went to get Poppy from her swing to put her in the car seat, and she had been sick! So, upstairs to change her!

Eventually we make it by 12.30pm! We are nearly the last to arrive!

We talk non stop for a few hours, between feeds and nappy changes and then as we all decide our little ones needed to get home, Tanya and I go to Tesco's.

We are all off to Trish's next week to cause havoc there.

Poppy and I get home just before Simon turns up, we swap the cars around as Simon is back to the train from tomorrow and then Simon gets on with feeding Poppy as I cook dinner, not before Simon has a moan to me about not making the bed and not doing the washing up! He obviously thinks I sit around doing nothing all day! ha ha I wish!

I hereby pledge my promise that I will make the bed every morning. Even if I need to kick the damn cats off it! And I apologise from the bottom of my heart for being so lax in this department.

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